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This website is devoted to the genealogy and history of my family. The family names that you discover will be my direct relatives Faust, Koch, Allen and Paulsen.  In addition I have included a page with my wife’s family info, the Naugle family.

I began the process of recording my genealogy and history while in high school. I was fortunate to know two of my great grandparents. When my great grandfather passed away I felt like I had lost a connection with the past and the ability to find out a little more about myself. This loss fueled my interest and it put me on a path to discover as much about my family as possible. That is when I began to collect tidbits of information about my family; started to collect photographs and documents; and reaching out to those family members I had never met or had the opportunity to know.

I often wondered what prompted my immigrant family to locate in Nebraska; how it was I came to live where I do; how my heritage may have influenced my life; how it was I took the journey I was about to take to become an Architect and businessman; and why it was I had clear interests and goals in mind for my life.

Over several years I have been fortunate to find family in places near and far. I made a surprise visit to my Great Uncle Nick Koch in Gowanda, New York; met “Shorty” and Dorothy Faust, in Marshfield, Wisconsin; hosted three successful family reunions; and ultimlately had the chance to visit where my ancestors came from in Clerveaux, Luxembourg (the Kochs), Dithmarschen, Germany (the Paulsens), Hermersberg, Germany (the Fausts) and Langforden, Germany (the von Frickens).

Thank you for stopping by and to take a few minutes to visit my website. I invite you to look through the pages and should you find a connection to your family I would sure enjoy hearing from you.

Harlan Faust
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